Chinas furious infrastructure building requires a large demand of metals. China takes an enormous share in global metal market. It is the largest producer of iron and steel. Local market consumes half of the amount, and the other half is exported to outside countries in manufactured products. Most of economists believe that China's economy will be formed in a good shape in scrap industry. Today, Chinese metal traders realize that the domestic supply cannot satisfy the tremendous local need. Therefore, importers started to chase materials from overseas. It has raised the competition of metal recycling industry.


The earth is facing a severe scarcity of raw materials. Using recycled materials means using less raw materials. During recent several years, many developed and developing countries have taken actions from different aspects, such as setting regulations and enhancing peoples environmental consciousness by massive propagandizing. Therefore, Scrap metal has an inherent value and become a significant material resource in future.

Scrap metal recycling industry provide an important platform on which people can use the same material repeatedly, and accordingly save the natural materials substantially. The industry not just brings economic profit, but more primary, it plays a vital role for sustainable development of our planet.

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